Line On the Horizon

17 January, 2011

Field, Grand-Leez, Belgium, 2009.

Field. Grand-Leez, Belgium. 2009.

This field is near Grand-Leez, Belgium. It is a simple photo but has endless metaphoric possibilities. Some almost cliché in their application to farming, “The fields are white unto harvest.” Which obviously isn’t true here. Nothing is growing.

The cliché I choose to use (at this point in human history, can there be any original prose?) is the metaphor of the horizon being a division between now and then, today and the future.

We exist on this side of the horizon and can never get beyond it, hence, the future. On this side we walk with the ghosts of the two world wars that crossed these fields (not to mention the horrors of endless preceding wars). On this side we feel the approach of some ill-defined calamity that may equal those events, this time economic or political. Yet, we still look for the horizon. The mission of the Gospel is above the times in which we find ourselves. It is truly the message of the horizon and the lands on either side.

I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from where comes my help. – Psalm 121:1

My friend from Grand-Leez, Eric Zander (who lives within walking distance of this field), will be in the US this month to gather support for the church-building endeavor he has undertaken. The economies of both our countries (and all that surround them as well) have been hard hit by the recent economic turmoil. The first affected in hard economic times are those that depend on the support of others. I don’t see the logic in that, but that seems to be the truth. Shouldn’t hard economic times illuminate our need to reach others with the Gospel? Is not this the best time to live like those looking to the horizon?

Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. – Psalm 26:2

I especially like the wording, “try my reins” because we are either being guided by God’s desires or we are chomping at the bit to go our own ways. It is my prayer that Eric will find the people who have their eyes fixed on the horizon and whose reins lie slack because if you keep your eyes are on a small point on the horizon your furrow will be straight.

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No Words Blogging?

25 April, 2010

No words in this blog? Not really, just fewer of them.This is a diet blog, less fat.  This blog is intended for photos primarily without the content and commentary. The main reason is we have been asked to share more photos, but the doing so with our regular blog was more difficult because the content takes time to write and, at present, we have precious little of that.

So, enjoy this photo only (or photo mostly) blog. We are still looking for more friends, so spread the word! (and the Word.)

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A Mission Proclaimed is a federally recognized 501(c)(3). Your support is greatly appreciated.